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Japanese Writing System

Are you ready to study Japanese?

Oh yes, studying foreign language is really fun. Let me start introducing basic Japanese writing System. To be honest, this is the most tough part whan you study Japanese I guess because basically, there are three kinds of characters in Japanese: hiragana, katakana, and kanji. No, No, please come back! It is not that bad....

The picture above says "I love Idaho." This sentence includes three types of characters.

Hiragana & Katakana
Two of the three are syllabic. They are called hiragana and katakana, and consist of fairly simple characters used to represent syllables.There are fourty-six basic hiragana syllables. The pronunciation of katakana and its combinations are the same as those of hiragana (there are a few excetion). Katakana characters are more angular than their hiragana counterparts and are used for words of foreign origin, emphasis and a whole bunch of swearwords. Onece you memorize the chart, you will have the skill to transcribe all of the Japanese sounds.

However, the third alphabet, kanji, ...... are more complicated and difficult. It was imported over the centuries from China. The pictograms are typically (much) more complex than Hiragana and Katakana. Furthermore, Kanji has different readings and meanings depending on how they're combined with other kanji. They represent ideas or words rather than syllables, although of course hiragana or katakana could be used to spell out the pronunciation.

How is that? It is really hard right? hahaha....